KCSON, NFA, Bunyoro Leaders embark on restoring Bugoma forest reserve


Kitara Civil Society Organisation’s network (KCSON) in conjunction with leaders from the districts in Bunyoro sub region and National forestry authority have agreed to  embarked on the restoration of natural resources especially part of the degraded Bugoma central forest reserve in Kikuube district.

The stakeholders met on Tuesday 10 12 2019 at Sir Tito Winyi Primary school in Kizirafumbi town council, Kikuube district to craft sustainable management solutions to Bugoma forest reserve conservation and resource harnessing.

During a one-day Regional Policy dialogue on Promoting Collaborative Forest Management and Scaling up forest Land Scape Restoration around Bugoma Central Forest Reserve organized by KCSON, the stakeholders identified nine key action steps.

They observed that there is need to strongly support and strengthen communities that are engaged in sustainable land-use and forest conservation, and implementing the laws that protect forests.

Others include Formulation and empowerment of catchment area committees, Creation of Sugar cane growing Policies versus Environmental conservation among others.

The KCSON Board Chairman Swizin SK Wamala expressed disappointment to the people of Bunyoro who degrade natural resources mercilessly

Boaz Basigireda, the Kagadi NFA Sector Manger that covers Kagadi, Kibaale, Kakumiro and Kikuube districts said forest cover in Bunyoro has dropped from 10% to   8% Land cover.

He is however, optimistic that the selected action steps will create intensive awareness raising and advocacy activities among the communities to desist and reject activities that degrade natural resources.

The Kikuube district Chairperson Francis Kazin said protection and restoration of natural resources requires concerted efforts.

Meanwhile, the Kagadi district Lcv chairperson Steven Byaruhanga Mfashingabo dismissed allegations that forest reserves are mostly destroyed by government officials

Other participates asked Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom officials and government to take led in the implementation of the drafted action steps

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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