Rights body urged to be independent


The LC5 chairperson Kagadi, Steven Byaruhanga Mfashingabo has urged the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) to be independent and impartial while handling democracy in Uganda.

Speaking during the stakeholder’s meeting at Seyeya courts in Kagadi town on Wednesday, Mfashingabo said, Uganda human rights commission has on many occasions defended wrong doers especially opposition politicians and other demonstrators.

“Why don’t you be fair to NRM government and police while executing your duties, also write about opposition leaders that beat police, Mfashingabo told officials at Seyeya courts on Wednesday”.

The meeting was organized by UHRC to introduce human rights and access to justice project to leaders of Kagadi and Kikuube districts

Mfashingabo called on officials of Uganda human rights commission to tackle issues related to gender based violence, land related conflicts and school dropouts among others.

“I promise to support the activities of UHRC in kagadi” Mfashingabo added.

In response to the Kagadi LC5 chairperson’s concern, Ms. Hope Bagota, attached to the Hoima regional Uganda human rights office, dismissed the allegations of sidelining with opposition leaders saying UHRC is an independent body and in the performance of its duties it is not subject to the direction or control of any person or authority.

She said the proposed project dubbed as Human rights and access to justice supported by GIZ, is primarily intended to contribute towards effective access to justice services directly administered by Uganda human rights commission in line with goal 16 of sustainable deployment goals.

Bagota said the pilot project will run for 6 months before seeking extension in Kagadi and Kikuube districts.

Bagota adds that the UHRC Hoima regional office proposed Kagadi and Kikuube districts as the project areas because of their far-way location from regional office that hinders full and meaningful access to UHRC services by the people.

She said Some of the activities that will be implemented by UHRC and its development partners in Kagadi and Kikuube districts include, legal aid clinics, investigations of legal human rights violations and follow-ups, inspection of places of detention, conducting human rights awareness through media, music, dance and drama, focused meetings with women, youth and elderly groups at community level among others.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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