Thousands Converge at Katosa for Martyrs Day Celebrations

Thousands of pilgrims have converged at the holy Uganda Martyr’s Villa in Katosa in Kyenjojo District to commemorate the 2020 Fort Portal Diocese Martyrs Day celebrations. 

The pilgrims converge at the holy Uganda Martyr’s villa in Katosa on January 27 annually to remember Adolf Tibewalirwa also known as Ludigo Mukasa, one of the 45 Catholic and Anglican martyrs who were killed at the hands of Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda between 1885 and 1887, for resfusing to denounce their faith.

Adolf Tibewalirwa was a native of Mweri in Katosa, Kyenjojo district. The Uganda episcopal conference authorized Fort Portal Diocese to hold an independent martyr’s day celebration. By Sunday evening, thousands of pilgrims were still streaming in at the martyr’s villa to participate in the intersession and special prayers.   

The youthful Peter Aliganyira from Kihura Sub County of Kyenjojo District, who is celebrating the local martyr’s day for the third time, says the day presents him the utmost time for devotion. Aliganyira hopes that the prayers for the martyrs with aid him achieve his personal dreams in 2020.

60-year-old Anasia, a catholic from Katosa says God has routinely sent her to pray from Katosa Catholic Church. She credits the prayers from Katosa for having been a foundation for her healing from a strange disease.

Vincent Agonza from Bugombwa parish in Bundibugyo District, who spent a week trekking to Katosa, says his main purpose it to seek God to give him a life of perseverance.

Aisha Nagaza from Nyanama in Kampala and a first timer to the martyr’s day celebrations says it was a shock for her to encounter spiritual powers the moment she reached the prayer palace. She is hopeful that God will now open new blessings in her life. 

13-years-old Aloysius Byamukaka spent 2 days on his way from Kyegegwa District to the martyrs celebrations venue. Byamukaka breathed a sigh of relief when he finally made it to one of his spiritual dreams.  His appeals to other young people is to trust and sacrifice for God. Byamukaka is praying for school fees.   

David Kisembo, the General Secretary Katosa Catholic Church, says they are prepared enough for this year‘s celebrations. He says the celebrations attract many people from within Ugandan and outside of the country who come to pray and honor all the 24 Ugandan martyrs. 

Fr. Moses Mutangirizi, the Katosa Catholic Church Parish priest notes that the day is special to buttress the faith of Christians. He says a number of believers have been blessed from Katosa citing those who have been healed from illnesses and delivered from other personal challenges.

Born to Mukasa, a mugaya by Clan, Tibewalirwa was captured during the ruins of Slave trade and taken to the Kabaka’s palace. While there he and others embraced Christianity. 

Tibewalirwa and others who couldn’t denounce their faith were killed when the king changed his mind about Christianity.  22 rocks at Katosa were dedicated to Uganda martyrs. 

Katosa was consecrated and declared a place of worship in 1994.  

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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