PWDs Demand Deployment of Sign Language Interpreters in Health Facilities

Persons with Disabilities in Buliisa district have tasked the government to employ sign language interpreters in health facilities to ease their access to health services. 

They say that persons with hearing impairments find difficulty explaining their health conditions to medical staff and as a result of the disconnect, they do not get the right treatment, even when they visit the facilities.

Julius Manyireki, the district councillor for persons with disabilities explains that most people with hearing impairments endure difficulty explaining their issues to nurses who cannot follow the discussion through sign language.  He now demands that the government employs translators to support PWDs whenever they seek for medication.

Manyerike further demands provision friendly beds for expectant mothers with disabilities, who cannot use ordinary beds. He too challenged the health workers to give special attention to persons with disabilities whenever they seek medical attention.    

Margret Atuhairwe, a member of Buliisa district Union of persons with disabilities says that often they feel marginalized when they are not accorded the necessary care in health facilities.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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