Face Mask Can’t Protect You From Coronavirus -Epidemiologist

Ever since Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) was declared a global pandemic and its eventual spread to the neighboring countries, one of the key messages put out by officials has been to use a face mask as a way of protection against the disease that spreads when one gets in contact with fluid droplets from an infected person.

But, senior epidemiologist Dr Monica Musenero who was appointed presidential advisor on epidemics this week says people do not necessarily need to use face masks because most of them including the surgical ones will not protect an individual from incoming droplets.

She says most of the masks on the market will only guard droplets against an infected individual from being whooped far spreading the germs to far distances, that’s why it’s recommended that if an individual is taking care of a patient, it’s the patient who should wear the protective gear. 

Recently, different kinds of masks have hit the market with some individuals getting innovative to come up with pieces of clothes to cover the mouth and nose but Musenero says these are not offering any protection.  

While there is no confirmed case of COVID 19 in Uganda yet, 234 073 people had tested positive for the disease globally including in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania by the end of Friday.

Globally, 9840 people have succumbed to the disease that presents with flu-like symptoms and fever but can be fatal leading to pneumonia and eventual death. 

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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