Kampala MPs want Phased Implementation of Public Transport Ban

Kampala Members of Parliament want a well phased plane on the ban on public transport as a measure to allow critical workers get to their work places.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Wednesday announced a ban on all public transport including taxis, boda boda’s, Buses and coasters among others. This has basically crippled operations countrywide with some Ugandans walking to work, while boda boda riders in most places have defied the ban.

Now addressing a press conference at Parliament today, the MPs say the ban on transport was rushed.

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko said Government should have come up with the ban in a phased manner first through issuing a warning and giving people a period before the implementation process and also by reducing on the number of people sitting in a taxi and buses instead of completely banning them.

He says some people for instance were on the verge of traveling to the villages and Government cut them off even after they had paid. He says some people were found in places that are not their homes at the time of the ban.

He says it should have transitioned for instance in six days. He says there are critical staff like medical officers who have been affected and also people who work in fuel pumps and even in security.

Nsereko also condemned brutality towards Ugandans who had showed up at their workplaces after walking. Nsereko’s appeal comes amidst reports that some Ugandans were being brutalized for showing up at work in down town Kampala.

The MPs also want the stay of all loan repayments, lowering of the Central Bank lending rate, as well as food supplies for Ugandans who work from hand to mouth.

“Most of the boda bodas and matatus (commuter taxis) are procured on loans that are paid on weekly basis. By stopping boda bodas and not loan repayments, you make the situation more difficult,” said Nsereko.

Godfrey Macho, the Busia Municipality MP reiterated the need for Government to postpone the payment of water and electricity bills so that people who work on daily basis do not suffer load shedding and poor hygiene due to lack of water.

He says Government needs to intervene in some areas to help people like in utilities, issues of their loans among others.

The MP Rubaga North, Moses Kasibante says like other countries have done, Government of Uganda needs to support its people. He says the money that would go for trainings and workshops should be used for supporting Ugandans. He says some countries like Kenya have seen their presidents intervene.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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