Exercising indoors: President Museveni walks the talk

President Museveni stopped Ugandans from exercising in public to stem the spread of the coronavirus. He said he would show them how to instead do it indoors – and true to his word, he has released pictures and footage doing so.

If you thought he was kidding, now you know he wasn’t.

Museveni said he would show the nation how he exercises indoors

When President Yoweri Museveni appeared on live TV shortly after 8pm local time on Wednesday to update the nation on the current coronavirus situation, he did not mince his words when he warned fitness enthusiasts to stop exercising in public and instead do so at home during this sensitive lockdown period.

While that directive may have sank in easily, considering the direction that Uganda has taken to stem the spread of this deadly virus, what could have easily been brushed aside as a joke was the President’s promise to record himself doing exercises indoors and show that to the nation as a demonstration of his directive.

“I saw a video of so many people on the Northern bypass walking and running around that, they are exercising. This should stop. If you want to exercise, you can do that indoors. I will show you how it is done tomorrow [Thursday]. I will do a video for you,” he emphasised his vow with this tweet.

From that time on, amid of an aura of eagerness, a debate ensued on various platforms over whether the President would or not live up to his promise.

Waaa, he won’t do it,” a friend of mine quipped.

“I swear he will do it . He always sticks to what he says,” came another’s tone of confidence.

And the debate would go on and on – while the silent observers kept mum in their hideouts, only craning their necks out every once in a while to check the progress of the ubiquitous debate with muted interest.

Well, a couple of hours since his declaration, President Museveni has come good on his word.

His senior press secretary, Don Wanyama, did well to whet the appetites of super-eager tweeps with this teasing tweet moments before the much-anticipated post:

And the wait did not last.

A few moments later, a Twitter notification popped up on my phone screen – and it was the one that I, like many other people no doubt, had been waiting for.

I scrambled to check out the update  – and voila!

An identical pictorial post on Twitter and Facebook by the President captioned: ‘Just like I had earlier promised, I started my day with indoor exercising.’

The starter of this visual meal features two pictures of Museveni wearing grey sweat pants – not the suits and shirts that you are accustomed to seeing him donning. Here, he is frozen by his dexterous camera team doing pushups.

For a President who is followed by 1.4 million people on Twitter and whose Facebook page is liked by over 600,000 users, those posts went into swift circulation across the cyber in a matter of minutes!

The comments streamed in with as much fluidity. Users were full of praise for the Ugandan leader.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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