Moroto banks defy Museveni’s directive, continue confiscating customers’ properties over unserviced loans

MOROTO – Despite the directive from President Museveni to all financial institutions not to victimise customers over failure to service their loans until the country gets out of coronavirus lockdown, banks in Moroto district have not respected this, instead have continued harassing customers over the same.

This has caused panic among the business community calling upon the government to allow them do their business so that they service the loans to avoid banks attaching their properties.

John Lokol, one of the bar operators in Moroto Municipality said the bank has threatened to attach his house, should he fails to service his loan of Shs8m by the end of this month.

“Am getting several calls from centenary bank asking me to pay the loan but I have no money because my bar business where I used to get money to service the loan is closed because of Covid-19 I have no where to get the money,” he said.

Samuel Mudong another trader told PML Daily on Tuesday that the bank officials from stanbic bank Moroto branch had visited his house in Matany with the move to attach the house after he defaulted last month to service the loan.

“The president had advised these banking institutions to reschedule the loan payment because honestly we are locked up we are not doing any business we do they expect us to get the money for serving the loans,” he said.

One of the bank staff who prefers anonymity told our correspondent on Wednesday that their top managers are also giving them pressure to recover the money or else they will lose their jobs.

“Even us, we are also under pressure from the top bank managers in Kampala, and they are putting us the staff on notice of losing our jobs if we don’t recover the money,” he said.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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