90 year Old Man in Muhorro seek assistance

A 90 year Old Man in Kasoga Center in Muhorro sub-county Kagadi district is seeking financial and material support due to inability to afford basic needs during this COVID-19 Period.

Pulikalipo Kateshumba says he is blind and lives in hardships with no any assistance and wants government and well-wishers to come to his rescue

Muzeei Kasabiri Nyansio 70, who is a brother says he is also sickly and old unable to assist his brother and wants well-wishers to intervene.

Ferediana Businge and Ferestansi Babitegeki who are caring about him says they do not have enough resources to cater for their brother in law as they care for the orphans.

Nathan Saturday the LCI C/man Kasoga center says he has tried his level best to help him but need more support.

In Related development, a 15 year Old Boy in Kambogo Village Nyamacumu Parish Muhorro sub-county Kagadi District is battling with his swollen stomach which he encountered during birth and parents requests well-wishers to render assistance for their son’s operation at Mulago Hospital.

Francis Bebuza, the father of Ainebyoona Barnabas says his son developed a swollen stomach a day after birth and tried to take him to Kagadi Hospital but was referred to Hoima regional hospital where he was also referred to Mulago Hospital but could not afford costs.

He wants Politicians and well-wishers to come to his rescue and he needs about sh10m to operate his Son with swollen stomach.

In an exclusive interview with the sick boy Ainebyoona Barnabas says he has complications of easing himself when he eats solid food and feels stock pain while sleeping

Byarugaba Valentine, the LCI Chairman says they approached well-wishers but could not help and also requests Government and well-wishers to come and render the necessary assistance to the sick Boy.

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