Akii Bua Stadium to host 2019 FUFA Drum final

The new Akii Bua Stadium overlooks the famous Ngetta Hills, a historical place to the Lango people. It is believed to be one of the first places that people settled when they arrived in Lango around the 16th century AD. These hills are located approximately 10 km. north of Lira town and are 4,500 feet above sea level.

2019 FUFA DRUM Tournament:

  • Final: Tuesday, 10th December
  • Acholi Vs Bukedi

*At Akii Bua Stadium, Lira (Kick-off: 4 PM)

Over looking the picturesque Ngetta Hills (lie 4500 feet above sea level) in Lira is the new Akii Bua Stadium.

The stadium was officially opened to the general public on Saturday, 30th November 2019 and has been host to three 2019 FUFA Drum matches with one semi-final clash (Lango 0-1 Bukedi).

Now, this will also be the venue for the final of the 2019 Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Drum (Inter-Provinces) Tournament.

This development was confirmed by the Chairperson of the FUFA Drum local organizing committee Rogers Byamukama.

“We shall have the final of the 2019 FUFA Drum tournament held on Tuesday, 10th December at the Akii Bua Stadium in Lira” Byamukama attested.

Although, the surface of the Akii Bua Stadium is being improved for the better, the spacious view for the fans enables many people to comfortably follow the proceedings of the game.

On Saturday, Acholi became the first province to qualify for the 2019 finals after edging Bugisu 1-0 in the semi-finals played at Pece War Memorial Stadium, Gulu.

Dread locked tiny center forward Tito Okello scored the match winner coming as early as the 8th minute.

Then, on Sunday, Bukedi stunned Lango 1-0 courtesy of Ibra Nsimbe’s strike in the third minute.

For starters, Lira (the new Akii Bua Stadium) and Gulu (Pece Stadium) have been the two venues used for the new format of the knock out stages.

A total of 32 goals were scored in 12 matches of the quarter finals played over 6 match days. The semi-finals witnessed two goals scored.

Prize Monies and Other Rewards:

The winner of the final that will be played on Tuesday, 10th December 2019 will take home Shs 32M, gold medals and a glittering trophy.

The losing finalist will pocket Shs 15M and each of the losing quarter finalists taking Shs 5M.

The third and fourth in group provinces shall part with Shs 1.5M and Shs 1M respectively.

Individual prize monies:

The most valuable player of the tournament will bag Shs 1M, Top scorer (Shs 1M), best goalkeeper (1M) and Shs 1M for each player on the tournament best XI.

This is the second edition of the championship whose theme is “Celebrating Our Ancestry”, proudly sponsored by Eagle Poa beer, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and National Insurance Corporation (NIC).

Buganda is the reigning champion.

All Knock Out Results:


  • 1st Match: Acholi 1-0 Bugisu (Pece War Memorial Stadium, Gulu)
  • 2nd Match: Lango 0-1 Bukedi (Akii Bua Stadium, Lira)

Quarter finals:

Match Day 1:

  • Busoga 1-1 West Nile
  • Bugisu 0-1 Lango

Match Day 2:

  • Bukedi 2-1 Tooro
  • Acholi 1-0 Buganda

Match Day 3:

  • Bugisu 1-0 West Nile
  • Lango 2-0 Busoga

Match Day 4:

  • Buganda 2-4 Bukedi
  • Tooro 1-1 Acholi

Match Day 5:

  • Busoga 3-4 Bugisu
  • Lango 1-3 West Nile

Match Day 6:

  • Acholi 1-1 Bukedi
  • Buganda 1-0 Tooro

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