Quick facts about PLE 2019 results

NAGURU – Education and Sports minister Janet Museveni has on Friday, January 17 released the 201 Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) results in today at Kampala Parents School.

Her remarks were mainly against teachers’ involvement in malpractice and pre-registration tests

“It is sad to know that teachers and parents are leading students into examination Mal-practices. Some students failed because led them into Malpractice and found different questions in the exams,” – Janet Museveni, Education Minister.

she added that there could be more and more students sitting exams if only some schools can stop the behavior of pre-registration examinations and that teachers must stop dictating the destiny of young people.

This is the fourth time Mrs. Museveni is releasing PLE results ever since she was appointed the political head of the ministry in 2016.

695,468 students sat for the 2019 PLE exams. 51.7% of these were girls. This is the 5th time UNEB registers more girls compared to the boys in PLE Exams – Dan Odong, UNEB Executive Secretary

The Board registered 1,315 students with disabilities in the entire country. 49.3 % of these are girls and 50.7% are boys. These students include the blind, deaf, physically handicapped, dyslexics and others.

In English and Mathematics, there was poor performance in questions where students were required to apply knowledge in problem-solving situations or expressing themselves

There has been an overall improvement in English and Social Studies. The overall pass level of Science improved but there was a sharp decline in distinctions in the subject. Mathematics had a slight improvement

Over 68% of the students who sat PLE in 2019 are UPE beneficiaries. They amount to 473,893 of the 695,804 students that sat in 2019. 221,912 students were non-UPE.

62 candidates registered for 2019 PLE at the Uganda Government Upper Prison school. 56 candidates managed to sit for exams there. There were 0 in DIV 1, 31 in DIV ii, 19 in DIV iii, 4 in DIV iv and 2 were ungraded

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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