Kumi Christians Protest Cancellation of Rev. Okunya’s Election

Christians of Kumi Diocese have taken to the streets to protest the cancellation and banning of Rev. Charles Okunya Oode from Bishop’s Race.

This morning, hundreds of Christians stormed a meeting convened by the caretaker Bishop, Rt. Rev. Charles Odurkami at St. Stephen Church where he was meeting the clergy. 

After failing to get a satisfactory explanation from the caretaker Bishop and other members of the clergy, the Christians resorted to the streets with placards. 

Moses Acou, one of the Christians at St. Stephen CoU in Kumi town, says the church has allowed outsiders to control them. 

Acou is bitter that after exciting Christians with the announcement of the new bishop, the House of Bishops decided to betray them because of influence from a few selfish individuals.

Stephen Opolot, the Kumi District LC V Vice Chairperson, says Christians are too bitter to listen and take in any advice at the moment. He notes that much as security tried to intervene, the tempers may not be managed, unless the province intervenes. 

Most of the Christians have threatened to withdraw support from the church and lock up all churches across the diocese.  

Last weekend, Christians reportedly locked St. Thomas Church following news of the cancellation of Rev. Okunya’s election. 

Catherine Asio and Teddy Asio, all Christians of Aterai fault Kumi Orthopedic, Dr. John Ekure for influence peddling. They also accuse politicians for meddling in church matters.

Dr. Ekure referred to the demonstrators as a “small group of thugs”, adding that they are targeting an innocent person. 

Rev. Capt. Moses Okello, the Kumi Diocesan Secretary and Kumi Diocese Chancellor, Emmanuel Ilukor neither received nor called back our reporter when contacted on phone. 

Rev. Okunya was elected by the House of Bishops in November, 2019 but his consecration and enthronement was cancelled after the same house revoked the election on February 5th on grounds that he had not attained the 65- year age bar. 

In the communication by the Archbishop of the Province of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, it took the House of Bishops to review five documents to establish Rev. Okunya’s actual age, which he noted, was very unfortunate.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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