Goodnews For Women, Men Can Now Get Pregnant.

So many persons have been asking the question if a man can become pregnant by artificial insemination.

Even most women have secretly wished that men can get pregnant so they can feel what they pass through. During the whole pregnancy “wahala”.

Many have performed failed experiments but recently its has been discovered that if a woman can become pregnant by artificial insemination and by ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the woman’s uterus) men as well can become pregnant by artificially introducing the fetus (developing baby) into the males body. As both the male body and the female body possess similar physiological body environment which will support the growth of the baby.

Although The process have its downsides.. Especially the fact that the baby can twist around the man’s intestine causing damage to both the man and itself. Major risk is internal hemorrhage (severe bleeding) which is deadly medically.

The process of getting the man pregnant although complicated is outlined simply below :

  1. Artifical Insemination
    2.Close monitoring
  2. Delivery by laparotomy( by operation)
    Would you really like for men to become pregnant?

Feel free to share your thoughts and ask any question(s) you don’t understand clearly.

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