Tension as UPC Launches Nationwide Consultations

Uganda People Congress- UPC party officials in Lango region allied to the leadership of Jimmy Akena have distanced them from the nationwide registration of party members. 

Early this week, the UPC party faction under Peter Walubiri, launched a nationwide registration of all party members, saying the tension in the party is hindering its progress.    

They also noted that they are looking forward towards reviving party activities in fulfillment of the aspiration of the wider population of Uganda. 

However, the UPC members allied to Akena have distanced themselves from the ongoing activities.  

Chris Ongom, the UPC Regional Vice chairperson under Akena’s group, says they are not conducting any registration of members. 

He asks Peter Walubiri and his Secretary General, Issa Otto Amiza not to confuse party members.  

He explained that UPC is preparing to conduct primaries for special interest groups such as youth, women league and PWDs representatives. 

In his statement, Issa Otto Amiza, the UPC Secretary General under Walubiri’s faction, says UPC is headed for serious state political business aimed at liberating Uganda in the 2021 General Election. 

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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