National Council for Older Persons Pushes for Representation in Parliament

The National Council for older persons has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament demanding for a representative of older persons in Parliament.

The team that appeared alongside the equal opportunities commission on Thursday say older persons face numerous and unique challenges like access to health, facilities and economic challenges that need everyday attention.

According to Sylvia Ntambi, the chair Equal Opportunities Commission says it is important for the older persons who are a great population of the country to be represented in Parliament just like workers, youths among others.

Ntambi says that older persons are marginalized and discriminated, and many are helpless.

John Orach, a member of the council of older persons says they have been trying in vain to work with Ministry of Justice and Government to have in place MPs for old people represented. 

He says many older persons are languishing, and that’s why they are seeking their rights to be part of decision making in the country. Orach hailed Kadaga for her commitment in addressing issues of older persons. 

The Speaker Rebecca Kadaga says she will write to the President to remind him on the need for the representation of the elderly persons.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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