Impersonation suspect released on bond at Kagadi police station

Yesu-Alio January a resident of Igwanjura Parish, Kabwoya Sub-County in Kikuube district who was accused of Impersonation from the office of the IGG has been released on Police Bond at Kagadi Central Police Station.

Yesu-Alio January was arrested on 16th  February 2020  by the office of the Kagadi RDC in Kinyarugonjo sub county, Kagadi District trying to extort money from the area Head teachers of Primary government aided Schools pretending to be delegated from the office of the IGG to monitor government Programs.

According to the Kagadi district Police Commander (DPC) Steven Kamar, Yesu-Alio January was released yesterday on Police Bond after spending a three weeks in custody at Kagadi Central Police station due to lack of grade one magistrate in the district for trials.

DPC Kamar says although Yesu-Alio January committed a capital offense he couldn’t be further detained in Police Cells per the law states that nobody should spend beyond 48 hours in police cells before being produced to court.

DPC Kamar explained that the district has lacked a full-time grade one magistrate ever since his worship Simon Toloko was transferred from the district which has resulted to the increased number of suspects in custody at Kagadi Central Police station.

It is remembered that Kagadi district currently partially uses the Kibaale grade one magistrate His Worship Emmanuel Niyokwizera who have so far spent more than a week without attending which has caused the release of some suspects at Kagadi Central Police Station on Police Bond.  

DPC Kamar further cautioned the leadership of Kagadi district local government for not raising a concern about the coming of the new grade one Magistrate which he said has caused the government to be reluctant about the matter.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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