President Museveni Directs Closure of Borders

Uganda has closed its borders and banned international flights vehicles and water vessels into the country.

The new measures were announced by President Museveni on Saturday at State House Entebbe.

While addressing the nation, President Museveni said that it’s by God’s mercy that Uganda has not yet confirmed a case of COVID 19. 

He stressed that as of now, it’s the country’s intention to make sure that no case is registered. To maintain the current status quo, the President says that all travel into or out of Uganda by any transport means has been stopped.

The new measures will take effect tomorrow after midnight.

According to the President, the only flights that will be allowed into the country are cargo planes and emergency plane like  UN planes carrying aid. Domestic flights can also continue. 

However, the crews on these planes will be expected to undergo institutional  quarantine.

Cargo vehicles will also be allowed to enter the country. However only three people will be allowed to enter the country per vehicle.

The President said that the country decided to ban all travel due to reluctancy of travelers to adhere to the quarantine measures.

President Museveni  also called upon all Local council leaders to confine people that might enter the country using porous borders.

Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa and the East African bloc that have not yet registered any confirmed case of COVID 19. So far, more than 600 cases have been confirmed with in Africa. Globally, over 270,000 cases have been confirmed.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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