Schools, universities still suspended as Uganda opens up more sectors in Coronavirus battle

Uganda has announced a partial opening of the economy for some services to resume but schools plus other facilities that attract large numbers will stay closed for at least another 14 days.

President Yoweri Museveni announced on Monday, May 4 night that while some businesses will resume activities, churches, bars, gyms and recreational centers will remain closed as the country stays cautious of the Coronavirus infections spread.

He said schools and Universities could remain closed for even a term or a year, because the “children are safe staying home”.

“You can not say schools will open and you don’t solve the issue of public transport,” he said.

The President has also directed that food markets stay open while the
airports and borders will stay closed.

Other services opened include;
1. Wholesale shops to open
2. Hardware shops and Garages to open
3. Metal and wood workshops to open
4. Insurance providers to function
5. Quotas of lawyers to be permitted to work through Uganda Law Society
6. Restaurants to open but only for takeaways.
7. Warehouses to open.
8. Public and private cars still not operational. Only private cars with stickers to move.
9. To facilitate those working, use marked buses, walk or cycle.
10. Its mandatory to wear cloth masks in public.
11. All other earlier protective measures stay in place for another 14 days.
President Museveni said the biggest challenge remains the cross-border truck drivers.

Countries that have lifted some of their lockdown measures like Ghana and South Africa have seen a slight surge in positive cases, an indicator that as countries open up, they should brace for that scenario.
Coronavirus pandemic has battered economies of countries with millions of people losing jobs and a couple of companies expected to fold.
Uganda has registered 89 Coronavirus infections so far.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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