Uganda partially lifts Coronavirus lockdown

Uganda has partially lifted the national lockdown, allowing a few businesses to operate from Wednesday, May 6.

The new measures will be reviewed upon assessment by health experts in 14 days, President Museveni has announced in his current address to the nation, still on going.

The decision was reached by the country’s Cabinet meeting chaired by President Museveni on Monday.

Uganda had ordered a lockdown since March 20, to prevent spread of the novel coronavirus.

During the lockdown, the country had restricted movement of people except for essential services such as healthcare, food shopping, water and electricity services, media and banking.

But from Wednesday,  a few other services have added on the list of essential service providers but must do it by walking, cycling or using buses.

Despite the easing of lockdown rules, schools will remain closed till further notice.

“We can start to open up slowly. Food markets will continue. Given the high sickness abroad, we cannot risk to open the borders. Those that were supplying hotels should look for other markets.

List of businesses allowed to operate

Agriculture will continue to function.

– Wholesalers will be allowed to open. But they must observe the social distancing rules. Warehouses should not apply air conditioning where there are

– Hardware shops

– Repair workshops garages

– Metal and wood workshops

– Insurance providers

– Business and other activities have crooks – so we need lawyers. Therefore, the Uganda Law Society will be allowed a quota of 30 lawyers at any one point to provide legal services, says Museveni.

– Restaurants will be open but will be allowed to only provide takeaway services.

– Warehouses will also open.

President in his Monday night address going on, laid down justification for the nationwide lockdown, that saw the suspension of schools, religious gatherings, public transport, among several other measures.

“The lockdown was in order for us to understand the problem better and also to prepare better. The real issue is immunisation – getting a vaccine, which is being done,” he said

“What is available now is prevention and the treatment in the available hospitals.

Mr. Museveni said that the nation is now better prepared unlike the case, 45 days ago.

For example, local factories such as Nytil are either manufacturing or are in the process of manufacturing face masks and personal protective equipment.

Another is that the local manufacturers (38) are now making enough quantities of sanitizers while there are now 14 treatment centres at 14 regional hospitals spread across the country.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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