Govt issues operating procedures for taxis, buses ahead of return to the roads on June 4

All commuter taxis operating in Kampala will operate at half capacity when they return to the roads on June 4, Kampala minister Betty Amongi has said.

Announcing the new operating procedures for taxis on Thursday, May 28, 2020, the minister also said no taxi touts will be allowed into parks/ stages while passengers shall line on clearly marked points at each stage.

“Taxis shall park at designated areas in accordance with 2 meters as per the social distancing rules put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus,” Ms Amongi said.

She added that each Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) is expected to have hand washing facilities while all passengers must wear a mask.

“No passenger should be allowed in the PSV without a mask. A vehicle found carrying passengers without a mask risk losing their PSV License,” the minister warned.

She tasked the taxi drivers to get the detailed SOPs from KCCA stipulating the number of passengers and other measures related to protective equipment for operating a PSV within the GKMA beginning 29″‘ May 2020.

Beginning 29/5/2020, the minister revealed all taxi operators should report to KCCA to be assigned the parks/stages and routes where they will be operating.

“After obtaining stage/route where you will operate, you will then report to Ministry of Works and Transport to obtain a Temporary Route chart valid until 31st Dec. 2020,” Ms Amongi said.

She said for now, the mandatory fees payable are: PSV license, renewal of driving permit if expired and third party insurance. All other government fees are payable by 31st Dec 2020 giving a grace period of six (6) months.

“The six months grace period which expires 31st Dec 2020 is to allow public transport operators to obtain a permanent route chart, color code for GKMA and other user fees. Effective 1st January 2021, all vehicles that would have not complied shall not be permitted to operate in the GKMA,” Ms Amongi said.

In the case of Buses, she said they should report directly to Ministry of Works and transport for guidance.

For the Boda Bodas, the minister said government is in the process of finalizing the extent of a boda boda freezone and the gazetting of boda boda stages in the City.

“Future Boda boda operations will also be subjected to Standard Operating Procedures. Gazetting of stages and their return to the city will be communicated in due course. At the moment, boda bodas will continue to carry luggage and maintain the curfew time as per the Presidential Directive,” she revealed.

“We are working with different developers to digitalized public transport management including developing booking applications,” she added.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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