Mosquito nets distribution; Demand swallows Supply

Mosquito nets distribution; Demand swallows Supply

Hundreds of households in Kagadi district missed a chance of acquiring free mosquito nets distributed by the Government of Uganda through the ministry of Health.

The ministry of Health organized a country wide mosquito net distribution exercise with aim of curbing rampant Malaria cases among the populace.

The exercise had started with Mass mobilization by the ministry of health using all platforms of the media including house to house agents.

Mosquito net distribution exercise that occurred Monday 23/03/2021 left many people grumbling and cursing distributors of inequality and discrimination.

According to the ministry, every household with its members was registered in order to determine the number of nets to be distributed because every net was equivalent to one pair of family members.

However, the supervisor operations in charge Kagadi district; Robinah Kimbugwe said the ministry had Data even before the exercise had commenced.

Earlier the ministry had planned for 666,149 people to receive nets in Kagadi but however on average every sub-county had over 100 people who missed a single mosquito net. Complaints and quarrels were hauled to the distributors who played it cool by informing local leaders about the matter.

When asked about the fate of those who missed in this exercise of acquiring mosquito nets, Kimbugwe the Supervisor said, the ministry is to reconsider those who were unlucky.

This is not the first time the government of Uganda distributing Mosquito nets where demand and supply do not tally.  

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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