HOIMA: People Living with Disabilities {PWDs} have been asked to embrace government programs in order to improve their lives.

The call was made by Gilbert Bigirwenkya, the  Executive director Hoima Union of People with Disabilities -HUDIP  during the commemoration of people with disabilities’ day at Kitara Secondary  School in Hoima City on Tuesday.

Bigirwenkya challeged  the people living with disabilities to position themselves and embrace government programs so that  they can benefit from them like other community members.

Bigirwenkya asserted that most PWDs don’t embrace the government programs which  has hindered them from benefiting from  the programs and  making them lag behind others in terms of development.

The Hoima City East Division Mayor, Bosco Muhanuzi revealed that  there is a  special grant for the people with disabilities  from the government but unfortunately the people with disabilities  have not taken advantage of it.

Muhanuzi  attributed this to failure by  the PWDs to form groups through which they can  tap into these  opportunities.

He  therefore asked the PWDs to form groups  in order to benefit from government programs.

William Mwambu, the district male councillor representing  PWDs in Masindi district cited mobility as some of the challenges facing PWDs and  asked the government to provide them with  assistive devices such as wheelchairs  and white sticks to aid  them in their  movement.

He noted the many disabled people have been left out  of  the government programs due to  lack of such devices.

However Mwambu applauded the government for increasing the scholarships for PWDs from 64 to 300 at the university level noting  this will help  fight illiteracy among the PWDs.

The politician therefore asked the  parents of children with disabilities  to take their children to  the learning institutions such that they can benefit from  this offer.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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