Children, youth urged to respect elders


Gone are days where raising Children was a role of the whole community, this meant that every community member was duty bound to discipline any child found in the wrong.

This shaped the behaviour of many children during development and growth coupled with instilling discipline and morals.

 A similar message was echoed by Reverend John  Asiimwe of St. Andrews Mabaale church of Uganda during prayers at the home of Charles Mirali of Kicweera LC1 Kinyarugonjo sub county Kagadi district.

The prayers were organized on Tuesday   to welcome sons-in-law of Mirali Charles at his home for a gate-together ceremony.

Asiimwe encouraged the youths and children to respect the elderly people in their community and the country at large, especially their parents who have, in diverse ways, invested in them.

Asiimwe, who attributes the current moral decadence among children to liberalism, cautioned them to abide by the words of the Bible which admonished them against disobeying their parents and elders.

He urged parents to emphasize instilling African morals, culture and values in children rather than leaving them to copy from the internet since a lot of inappropriate material for minors is shared online.

Charles Mirali explained that the get-together meeting intended to introduce his Sons-in-laws to family members, relatives and friends.

Juliet Wamani and Beatrice wamani expressed gratitude to their father for being a caring and loving parent.

Wamani Fred and Collins Wamani from Kikuube and Masindi districts respectively thanked Mugurusi Charles Mirali for being a unique father-in-law.

They promised to love and respect their wives throughout their entire life.

Wamanl Collins and Fred Wamani with their wives Beatrice and Juliet cutting cake on Tuesday 16 July 2024

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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2 thoughts on “Children, youth urged to respect elders

  1. This is wonderful to todays family it’s another way of teaching togetherness

  2. This is wonderful to todays families it’s another way of teaching togetherness

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