Kagadi Residents Demand Accountability as Leaders Face Heat over Service Delivery Failures

Kagadi district leaders faced intense scrutiny from residents yesterday, as grievances over persistent poor service delivery took center stage.

During a Baraza organized by the Prime Minister’s office at Kabuga Health Center III Premises in Muhorro sub-county, Kagadi District, residents voiced concerns about inadequate infrastructure, healthcare, water, and education services.

According to residents, although drugs are supplied to health facilities, patients are often instructed to purchase medication from private clinics just two days later.

The dissatisfaction was further fueled by incomplete reports presented by heads of departments at Kagadi Local Government, including Theodora Kajumba, the District Health Officer, Posiano Tumwesigye, the District Commercial Officer, Engineer Charles Byaruhanga from the Roads Department, and Valence, the Sub-county Chief of Muhorro.

These reports not only shocked residents but also drew criticism from the State Minister for Bunyoro Affairs, Jennifer Namuyangu Kacha.

Minister Namuyangu rebuked Kagadi District heads of departments for submitting inadequately prepared reports, labeling them as lacking seriousness. She mandated them to revise and organize their reports effectively.

Expressing her dissatisfaction, Minister Namuyangu announced plans for a forensic audit of each department whose reports exhibited discrepancies.

Joseph Muserero, a government programs monitor from the Prime Minister’s office, explained that Barazas were instituted to gauge service delivery’s effectiveness and value for taxpayers’ money.

He emphasized that these gatherings aid the government in understanding its citizens’ essential service needs.

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