Suspected cattle thieves survive death in Kasambya Sub County

Two suspected cattle thieves have survived death after angry residents torched their vehicle which was being used to transport stolen cows.
The incident happened on the wee hours of today (Friday) in Kisoisolya village, Kakayo parish of Kasambya Sub County in Kakumiro district, when residents caught two people read handedly stealing a cow belonging to Joseph Mulondo of the same area.
 The suspects had tied one cow which they had prepared to transport in a service passenger vehicle registration number UAK 652C at around 2am.
Joseph Mulondo says the suspects on seeing angry residents approaching them, they fled into the nearby bush.

Angry residents rescued the cow and set the vehicle ablaze.
Residents wondered how the thieves are transporting stolen cows in such a small vehicle. They woke up to the alarms from others.
John Lutalo says residents chased the suspects through the bush but they escaped.
The Kakumiro District Police Commander,Najjib Waiswa says police has started investigating  the matter.

He says there are rampant cattle thefts in the district.
Last week, police impounded a truck full of cattle stolen from Bulisa district.

Four suspects were arrested.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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