Kagadi Secondary Head teachers welcome new changes in curriculum

Kagadi secondary schools Head teachers have agreed and welcomed a new program by the Ministry of Education and Sports of scrapping off termly exams instead introduce end of topic exams in lower secondary curriculum.

Last week, the Ministry of Education, through the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), scrapped off termly examinations after new revision in  the lower secondary curriculum.

The initiative is set to begin effective this first term of 2020 in both governments Aided and Private secondary schools.

Among other changes School class time will always  be from 8am to 2.55pm but from 2.55pm up to 4.30pm used for practical trainings both technical and co-curricular activities.

According to the Ministry, students will be reacquired to utilize the remaining hours in projects implementation at their respective schools in addition to the topical exams in order to produce a final reports at the end of the year instead of every end of the term.

In a mini survey conducted by our reporters yesterday around some secondary schools in Kagadi town council, head teachers confirmed it as a good move by the Ministry of education and sports which they said will help their students understand more all the topics unlike the past where teachers would rush to complete the syllabuses leaving slow learners in suspense.  

The Head teacher at Bunyoro College SS Mr. Semata Robert says this will also help to eliminate relaxation among teachers and students to play their responsibilities.

He further said this will help to identify natural skills among students especially during projects practical trainings.

Asaba Simon, the Deputy Head teacher of Fountain of Hope SS (Landon College SS) says, the program is going to increase on the activeness and performance of leaners.

Semakula Sebastian says five teachers from different secondary schools have been taken for one week training over the program at Duhaga SS in Hoima Municipality.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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