KCCA links collapsed building in Kansanga on lack of architectural planning

Following the torrential rains on Sunday, May 10 that even saw a four storeyed building in Kiwempe, Kansanga in Makindye division collapse killing over 10 and more are believed to be burried by the rubbles.

After the scene visit by the officials from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Minister for Kampala on Tuesday, May 12, it was revealed that the building that belonged to Mr. Abraham Kalansi was not approved by KCCA and never had an architectural plan and they did not use enough materials to support the structure.

“There is alot of procedure you have to go through to demolish a building and when you find some one who is not law abiding they can continue with construction and by the time you come to demolish the building it is aready very far. That is why we are trying to work on the laws so that a building without a plan is demolished within a week to avoid all these issues,” said Andrew Kitaka, the Ag. Executive Director KCCA.

According to Kitaka, the owner of the building was advised to stop on May 13, before commencement of the first floor but unfortunately he resumed with the works when they stopped supervision and took advantage of the lockdown to build at a very fast rate making four storeys at the time of the collapse.

He further advised owners to always have proper documentation, seek for professional advise from qualified persons, have Architectural plans before embarking on such big projects so that small fees dont tantamount to big looses that are uncalled for and preventable.

Kitaka called upon the locals leaders to chip in and always be in the loop and look out for any buildings that are being erected to see whether they have approved plans.

Relatedly, the building collapsed on some houses near by and left them in a wanting position that is not habitable to the extent of blocking the road.

A one Moses Tumwine whose house was destroyed called upon the government to help him because he was left with no where to sleep.

Makindye Division has for the recent years had over three buildings collapse and kill those at the sites.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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