47 year old Man’s Hand Nearly Cut Off for Refusing to Buy Alcohol for 3 People

A 47 year old man is nursing severe wounds at EMESCO health center 3 after being cut in an argument with 3 people after refusing to buy for them alcohol in Kihoro village in Karama sub county, Kibaale district.

Dan Byamukama, a resident of the same area met his fate in the wee hours of yesterday evening when he refused to buy alcohol for a one Mugume, Mwekambe and Tulyasiima of the same area.

Speaking on his sick bed yesterday while at EMESCO health center IV, Byamukama says at around 08pm as he headed home was intercepted by the suspects who instructed him to buy them alcohol but when he refused  they started hacking him on the hand using a sharp panga.

David Otabong, the district police commander Kibaale confirms the arrest of Mugume, Mwekambe and Tulyasiima whom he says are aged between 18-20 years as investigations into the matter continue.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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