Residents want government to shift Buhimba-Kakumiro road from Kikwaya primary school side

Residents in Kikwaya trading Centre along Kakumiro-Hoima road in Kikwaya SubCounty, Kakumiro district are protesting the construction of the road which is sharing partof the land acquired around Kikwaya primary school compound and Kikwaya communityplayground.

Kikwaya primary school and Kikwaya community playground are located along Buhimba-Kakumiro road, which is among the several oil roads earmarked for tarmacking in the Albertine region.

The 94km road is being constructed by China WUU-YI Construction Company.

Residents are in fear that accidents will increase because the road is too narrow and close to the school compound and they do not want their playground tempered with.

Vincent Mubiru, the LC1 chairperson of Kikwaya Trading Centre wants the government particularly Uganda national roads authority to task the contractor to divert the road from the school compound and Kikwaya community playground in order to protect children from speeding vehicles when the schools open after covid-19.

Ben Kasaija, a resident accused the sub county and district leaders for turning a deaf ear to the residents’ concerns.

He says the road is promoting underdevelopment instead of spearheading development,saying most institutions along the road are being tempered with.

Angela Namata, another resident of Kikwaya trading Centre expressed concern over the proposed relocation of the borehole from the school compound, saying this will impose aburden to the school management, pupils and the community at large.

Lucky Nyanzi, the defence secretary for Kikwaya village asked president Museveni to intervene saying the road is destroying the historical playground where his aeroplane lands and it’s also used for various sports activities.

The LC3 Chairperson for Kikwaya sub county, John Kymanywa decided to conceal the information, saying the matter is being handled by the ministry of works and Uganda national roads authority-UNRA.

Sentayi Joseph Senkusu, the LC5 chairperson Kakumiro district could not be reached as he could not receive our repeated calls.

In an interview with our reporter, Engineer Julius Ahuura attached to UNRA-Hoima branch, said the issue is not about destroying Kikwaya primary school and Kikwaya community playground.

He said the matter is about misunderstandings between the community and the Catholic Church which has delayed the compensation for the primary school.

Ahuura said the government is ready to compensate for the land acquired around Kikwaya primary school and Kikwaya community playground as long as the two parties have mutual understanding.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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