Cabinet approves creation of 15 new counties

Government has approved the creation of 15 new counties that will start operation effective next year.

The Minister in charge of information (ICT & National Guidance) Judith Nabakooba said in a statement that Cabinet made the approval at their latest meeting on Monday at State House.

“I would like to update the public on some of the recent cabinet resolutions agreed upon during the meeting that sat on June 22. Cabinet approved the creation of fifteen (15) new counties,” the Minister stated.

The 15 will have their representatives considered by Parliament immediately. They are Kiboga West, Buhweju West, Lamwo East, Bugangaizi South, Chekwi East, Mulanda, Buwekula South, Kwania North, Kagoma North, Buyanja East, Ngariam, Agago West, Bukanga North, Bukimbiri and Nakaseke Central.

If approved by Parliament, this will see the number of MPs in the next Parliament soar.

The new cities and districts approved by Parliament in April is also expected to add more MPs in the House that currently has 461 members.

The creation of the new administrative units is expected to put more pressure on the state resources.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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