Suspension of Campaigns Serves Museveni Interests, says Kabuleta

Independent Presidential Candidate Joseph Kabuleta has said that suspending his campaigns as a form of protest against the mistreatment of opposition candidates is pointless.

Four presidential candidates suspended their campaigns on Wednesday following the arrest of National Unity Platform candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in Luuka District and Forum for Democratic Change candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi in Gulu.

The candidates who called off their campaigns include independents Henry Tumukunde, John Katumba, Alliance for National transformation candidate Gregg Mugisha Muntu, and Democratic Party candidate, Nobert Mao.

The candidates asked the EC to intervene and ensure that candidates have a levelled field or simply call off the elections.

However, Kabuleta asserts that President Museveni will not be moved by the suspension of individual campaigns because he is beyond any shame or embarrassment.

He has hinted that his colleagues Mugisha Muntu, Henry Tumukunde and other candidates were misled if they entered the race expecting fair play.

Kabuleta notes that by suspending their campaigns over the various injustices and unlevelled ground they are serving the interests of the incumbent.

Drawing the analogy of a football team Kabuleta points out that if a few players are temporarily and unjustly taken off the pitch, the best chances of victory lie in the remaining 9 players pulling up their socks and attacking the opponent ferociously. But if they walk off the pitch in protest, the match is easily won by the opponent.

Kabuleta says that if it were him that had been arrested he would have desired that Amuriat and Bobi Wine carry on the fight in his absence.

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