Gov’t Car knocks dead a protester over poor state of Muhorro-Ndaiga road

Tensions wide in Muhorro as demonstrators took to the streets demanding action on the deteriorating Muhorro-Ndaiga Road, resulting in a tragic incident that claimed one life.

The protest, which escalated on Monday 26th February 2024 at 9:00 Am in Muhorro Town Council Kagadi District, turned deadly when a speeding vehicle from the Kagadi District Local Government struck and killed Magezi Tuhaise, 28, of Bugambaihe Cell.

Tuhaise, the son of Omuhereza Magezi Kadoma, was among the demonstrators voicing grievances over the neglected 31-kilometer road leading to Lake Albert.

Eyewitnesses report that the vehicle, a Double Cubin-Pickup belonging to the Kagadi Health Department and purportedly carrying District Chairperson Ndibwami B Yosia, was traveling at a high speed, disregarding the safety of pedestrians.

In the aftermath of the accident, both UPDF and police personnel swiftly responded, heavily deploying to the scene.

The protesters, including Bodaboda Riders, truck drivers, and locals, expressed frustration over the four-year-long neglect of the crucial road.

Joseph Akugizibwe, Chairperson of the Muhorro Town Council Bodaboda Riders Association, emphasized that the peaceful demonstration stemmed from the dire condition of the road, which has caused significant losses and claimed lives in accidents.

Gard Benda, Country Director for World Voices Uganda, supported the protesters, highlighting the road’s importance as a vital link between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He echoed the residents’ concerns over the government’s inaction.

However, Lillian Ruteraho, the RDC Kagadi, deemed the protest illegal and threatened to apprehend its leaders.

Ruteraho confirmed the involvement of the District Health Department’s vehicle in the fatal accident, identifying the driver as an employee of District Chairperson Ndibwami B Yosia, who is currently avoiding authorities.

In response to the unrest, UNRA Station Engineer Hoima, Julius Ngabirano, cited financial constraints for the delays in rehabilitating the Muhorro-Ndaiga Road but assured that rehabilitation works by the UNRA team would commence imminently.

The body was picked from the scene by traffic police and taken to Kagadi Hospital Mortuary, as a heavy security presence was maintained along Muhorro- Ndaiga Road.

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