52 Weeks Saving Challenge: Why You Need To Start Saving Now

Do you save? Where and how should be my next question, hopefully, your savings are safe and if you don’t then you have been missing on the secret of sliding through a year magically.

10,20,30,100 or even 1000 shillings may not seem much to you depending on your financial situation but saving today’s less important to you 100 or 1000 shillings could get you to hundreds of thousands at the end of the year if you SAVED IT.

Well, as January comes with its proverbial 60 days, there are those who will not feel the heat or the exaggerated days as they will be opening their savings of 52 weeks of 2019, the sheer excitement that comes with it, it is rewarding.

The value of 50,000 shillings in December tends to raise in January as the money becomes scarce in people’s pockets making it rare to spend, coming January ought to not be you if you join the 52 weeks saving challenge.

The 52 weeks saving is a culture that is slowly making its roots even in households enabling parents to create and nurture a saving culture in their children and minimize wastage by training them to pick on priorities when spending.

Where Do People Save When on the 52 weeks saving challenge

Hilariously, there are people that still save under their mattresses and containers in the houses with denominations of up to 1000 shillings despite all the risks involved from the house catching to inhouse stealing.

Though the convenience of stashing away cash into containers, cushions or mattresses in the house is overwhelming, there is no security at all and what exactly is the need of saving if you cannot be assured of the safety of your money?

If you have a safe, then that is better that containers and mattresses, ensure your PIN is a Top-Notch Secret with a combination that can not be imagined by anyone.

Wherever it is that you will kickstart your savings, as long as your money is safe, save and build a saving culture no matter how little as it is the only way to eradicate poverty.

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