Desert Locusts Sighted in Kotido

Kotido is the latest district in Karamoja sub-region to be invaded by Desert Locusts. The locusts arrived at Nakapelimoru and Rengen sub-counties before they were sighted at Losilangit in Kotido Municipality. 

So far, six out of nine districts in the Karamoja sub-region have had locusts. On Tuesday, the locusts were only seen in Kobebe Dam, Lotisan Sub County. The Kobebe swarm is said to have moved from Nakabaat, where the locusts first invaded on Sunday. 

Reports from the officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, MAAIF on the ground indicates that all the swarms seen are on the move. Except for Kobebe where the locusts spent some hours, in most of the places, they were seen flying.  

Joseph Orisa, the District Information Officer in Kotido, says a big swarm was seen flying towards Kacheri Sub County around 7:00 pm. He says that the locusts took a few minutes at Losilangit before proceeding towards Kacheri.

Dr Henry Mulondo, the District Veterinary Officer in Kotido says the locusts came from Kobebe direction in Moroto district. 

On Tuesday, Ministry of Agriculture and Office of the Prime Minister, OPM teams were participating in trainings of district officials drawn from all the districts of Karamoja and its neighbours. 

No spraying has been done yet in all the areas infested with desert locusts.

According to Maj. Telesphor Turyamumanya, the locusts were only seen destroying vegetation in Kakomongole, Nakapiripirit district and gardens in Katakwi.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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