Nigeria’s unidentified disease has killed 15 people, many of whom died within 48 hours

According to Nigerian Media Daily Post, Nigeria’s health minister osaji ehanil recently said that Nigeria has an unknown fatal disease, which has killed 15 people and infected 104 people. The Nigerian centers for disease control are working hard on the disease.

The first group of patients with unknown diseases were found in Benue state of Nigeria on January 29. All four died within 48 hours after the disease, with symptoms including headache, internal heat, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, general weakness and stomach swelling. After that, several patients with the same symptoms died within 48 hours. Laboratory tests showed that the disease was not similar to the symptoms of Ebola or coronavirus.

According to the BBC, Osage ehanil said the health department had launched an emergency response in the area where unknown diseases appeared, and officials suspected that the chemicals used in fishing might be the cause of the outbreak.

According to the Nigerian centers for Disease Control website information, CDC has tested the unknown disease samples, showing that the hemorrhagic fever virus negative. At present, further testing work is in progress, and relevant water samples have also been sent to the Federal Water Resources Department for analysis.

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