Lc3 chairperson denies allegations of sabotaging developments at Rugashali SS

The lc3 chairperson for Rugashali Sub County Peter Mwesigwa Mutebire has denied allegations of sabotaging developments at Rugashali community Secondary School.

Last week, the area member of parliament Buyaga west Tinkasimire Barnabas addressing parents at Rugashali community Secondary School said Mutebire has plans to shift the school to the sub county headquarters.

Barnabas said Mutebire want to take the school away from parents yet the government is in plans to take up the school and construct permanent school buildings.

In the sub county council seating last evening at Buhumuriro Sub County, Mutebire denied the allegations saying Barnabas is looking for votes ahead of 2021 General elections by tarnishing other people’s names.

Mutebire said is among people who wrote to the commandant asking for 14acres where the school was constructed by the community.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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