Kibaale Town council Grapples With Garbage

Kibaale town council in Kibaale district is faced with huge unattended garbage that is littering the streets, corridors among other spots of the town. 

The town council that has been in existence for years has Karuguuza daily market that accommodates foodstuffs sellers among other things and Karuguuza Market that accommodates cloths sellers every Saturday among other busy business spots.

But it lacks designated areas for the dumping of garbage.

In an interview with vendors and other business people in Karuguuza town yesterday, they wonder why the health officials and the town council leaders are not expediting the management of garbage stressing that there is a need to put in place garbage skips to avoid littering of different places.

Deo Gafabusa Karali, the Kibaale Principal Town Clerk says the town is littered because the available garbage truck and tractor broke down but they are being worked on to be functional by Tuesday next week.

Gafabusa Karali however says venders and the business people should have dumping sacks near their businesses in order to ease the work of garbage collection in the town.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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