LDUs Kill Suspected Criminal

Local Defence Unit –LDUs personnel have killed one suspected criminal at Entebbe Expressway in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The unidentified victim was killed when he and other people were allegedly cutting the wire mesh put along Entebbe expressway at around 3 am. The incident occurred at Nakigalala when LDUs on night foot patrol approached the group. 

Maj Bilal Katamba UPDF Spokesperson First Division that supervises LDUs confirmed the shooting of the suspected criminal but said they were yet to get his identities. It is alleged that the group was comprised of about five people but others escaped.

The army was still trying to get identities of the killed suspect but also continue hunting for his colleagues that escaped.

  Of recent LDUs have been accused of being trigger happy and some of the killings have raised more questions than answers.

Five days ago, LDUs shot and killed two police officers in an alleged foiled robbery at Nankinga zone, Bunamwaya, Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality, in Wakiso District. UPDF identified the killed police officers as Ambrose Byareta and Fred Turyomunsi were gunned down at around 10 pm. 

Army said Byareta was wearing an army uniform with a rank of a sergeant though he was a Police Constable while Turyomunsi works at police armoury at police headquarters. Maj Katamba said the Rubaga battalion comprised of soldiers and Local Defence Unit –LDUs learnt about the intended robbery and deployed in advance. 

The robbery reportedly involved the two police officers and one person so far identified as James. UPDF said the victims had planned to rob a woman who was travelling from the airport. The officers presumed that their target had money since she was returning from abroad. Nevertheless, UPDF has remained cagey of revealed the particulars of a woman who was allegedly being robbed and vehicles involved.

Army said alleged that Turyomunsi was hiring out armoury guns to robbers. The killed police officers reportedly used a Harrier to block the airport taxi, they jumped out and put the driver of the taxi on gunpoint. The exhibits that were picked from the killed officers include army jacket, Police gun with serial number UG POL.36326006 03890.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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