Thugs break into home of Bobi Wine’s brother, make off with millions of shillings

Panga-wielding thugs on Monday morning raided the home of Mikie Wine, the brother of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, and made off with Shs8.4m.

According to Mikie Wine whose real name is Michael Mukwaya, the thugs, who had machetes, struck at around 3am as the family slept.

“They woke us up and told us to be very silent,they asked for our phones and all the money we had in the house. Fortunately they threw the phones at the fence from where they made their exit and took off,” he said.

“They took 8.2million shillings that has been sustaining us in this lockdown and No other valuables where taken. We thank God that no one was hurt but please keep us in your prayers in your prayers in these trying times,” Mikie Wine added.

He said about an hour later, police arrived with sniffer dogs but could not trace the thugs.

“We immediately contacted the police who came about 1hr later with sniffer dogs but they could not trace the scent.They said more investigation will carried on,” he said.

In a bid to control crime during the lockdown, President Museveni announced a curfew that starts at 7pm up to 6.30am every day.

However, pockets of crime such as house break-in have persisted.

Born in a family of 10, Mikie is the second last born of his mother. He attended Busega Modern Primary School; Eagles Nest SS Mengo, and later Standard High School Zana for his higher education. He says that he always joins the University but has never finished any course.

Mikie Wine joined the music industry in mid 2000s and has released hit songs like ‘Yanimba’ with Eddy kenzo, ‘Sweet Namata’ among others.

After the passing on of his mother, he lived the hardest time of his life. They had to hustle together with his other brothers but thank God for the elder brother Nyanzi who gave them a big hand. Mikie was a mummy’s boy who always kept him by her side.

Mikie Wine later moved on to stay with Bobi Wine who was paying for his school fees. When he started singing, he earned some money and started staying on his own.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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