Kibaale Councilors Finally Approve Next Financial Year’s Budget

Councilors of Kibaale Town Council have finally approved the next financial year’s 2020/21 budget after a flop as they cited meager allowances and documents about the Karuguuza daily market construction.

Recently a council seating to approve the sh912.8 million Budget hit a deadlock after councilors decried that 42,000shillings as sitting allowance for them should be increased and also demanded to know if a pit latrine of one Mzee Kalisti that was demolished had been compensated.

They also demanded to know the details in the memorandum of understanding signed between the town council and Bizibu George William on the construction of modern toilets in the Karuguuza daily market.

However, in a council seating today, Francis Nsubuga, the speaker Kibaale town council said that with the supporting explanation council has received from the LC3 chairperson Joseph Saazi, they have finally approved the budget that will list the works sector to address roads maintenance. 

The motion that was moved by Joseph Maweje, the councilor representing Ruguuza ward was seconded by Resty Namuga and Donozio Kaahwa all representing the elderly during the seating held outside the board room at the town council premises.

From the budget, Administration takes the lion share of sh341.8M, Finance allocated sh118.5M, sh137.2 M to works, sh21.3M to legal bodies and sh53.3M to production.

Others are Health that has been allocated sh38.6M, sh4.7M to education, sh25.8M to community services, sh17.3M to trade, industry and local development among others.

According to Saazi, they projected to get over sh149. 2M from local revenue, over sh183.9M as government transfers, over sh127.2M from Uganda road fund, over sh21M as urban optional development grant, wages projected at over sh579.5M and over sh35.6M as an un-conditional grant.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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