Kagadi LCI, LCII chairpersons demand Ex-Gratia increment

Kagadi-Local council one and two chairpersons in Kagadi District are demanding for an increment of their annual ex-gratia.

Currently, Local Council Leaders receive a payment of 120,000 Shillings annually, translating into 600,000 Shillings in the five years of their term of office, for their services.

 However, chairpersons argue that the payment is too little compared to the service they offer to communities and to the countries.

Silas Karumuna, the LCI Chairperson for Kabuga B village says that local council leaders deserve recognition for their work most of which involves pacifying communities.

He says sh120,000 is very little compared to the current cost of living with COVID-19 Pandemic challenges

He suggests that the rate be increased from 120,000 to at least 300,000 Shillings annually.

Herbert Byaruhanga, another Chairperson LCI in Nyamacumu parish says the little money they get is again deducted on giving fuel to some officers who give out money which he says is unfair since they get their allowances.

He suggested for sh30, 000 per month as their honoraria, which he says it is still below the rate given to other leaders in local governments. 

He however thanked government for remembering the plight of Local council chairpersons but asked for monthly packages as they do a lot of work that needs much commitment.

Kagadi district is currently making ex-gratia payments to 717 LC1 and LC11 chairpersons for 2019/2020 financial year.

Each LC1 chairperson receives 120, 000 Uganda shillings annually in ex-gratia payments as appreciation and not salary.

According to the Kagadi chief administrative officer- CAO, Matthias Ndifuna, the district received 86 million shillings for the 2019/2020 financial year.

He says issues for LC1 and LCII chairpersons can only be addressed by the Salary Review Commission. 

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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