Farmers in Kibaale Panic as African Armyworms Ravage Crops, Pastures


Farmers in Kibaale District are struggling to kill African armyworms which have invaded their garden crops. 

The destructive caterpillars have so far invaded Karama Sub County.

Lovisa Katusabe said she has lost over 7 acres of maize in one week.

She has called for support from Kibaale district production department.

The agricultural officer for Karama Sub County, Tom Mulumba has urged farmers on early planting and planting of trees to replace the depleted forests that used to herbal African army warms and other pests.

The Kagadi district senior officer Mparana Desire has alto confirmed the outbreak of African army warm in Kabamba Sub County Kagadi district.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry And Fisheries-MAAIF has indicated that the worms have now spread to 38 districts in the country and affected more than 1,400 farmers on 5,415 hectares of land.

The Ministry is now encouraging farmers to use 100-120 Mls Cypermethrin 5EC insecticide mixed in 20 liters of water to spray their crops against the worms.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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