Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (BKK) will commemorate 100 years since the demise of Omukama Chwa II Kabalega on 6th April, 2023.

Omukama Kabalega died on 6th April 1923 in Busoga on his way back home. He was returning from Seychelles island where he was held by the British colonialists for 23 years.

A Central organizing committee for the Omukama Kabalega Memorial Day is chaired by Owek. Jonathan Nyendwoha Mutiti, the First Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Culture.

Members of the Committee include Owek. Dinah Kasangaki, the BKK Minister for Gender, Owek. Katende Patrick, the BKK Minister for Youth & Social Services, Owek. Dauda Chwa, the Minister for Investment & Reparations, Mr. Alex Katusabe, the Chief Administrative Secretary, Hajji Bruhan Kyakuhaire, the BKK Cultural Advisor & Owek. Rukahemura Robert, the BKK Social Affairs Officer.

The main commemoration will be held at Kikangaara hill, Buyanja Secondary School in Kibaale district at the site where Omukama Kabalega defeated an internal resistance that attempted to prevent him from ascending to the throne.

The Central Organising Committee has developed a road map for the commemoration which will be serialized.

Different events will be held in different districts during this year.

Several Radio talk shows have been held across Bunyoro region and more publicity and mobilization activities have been rolled out.

The commemoration will among others include community service, cultural exhibition, speeches, a football match and launching of some projects in honour of Omukama Kabalega.

Owek. Isaac Kalembe Akiiki, Omutalindwa (Speaker) of BKK Parliament, Dr. Yolam Nsamba Atwooki, a secretary of the Royal Commission and Owek. Robert Rukahemura Akiiki, the BKK Social Affairs Officer are among the writers that will publish books about the legacy of Omukama Kabalega.

Local and international Guests have been invited to attend the commemoration.


Born on 18th June 1853 to King Kyebambe IV Kamurasi Mirundi and Nyamutahingurwa Abwooli, Kabalega was the 23rd King in the Babiito dynasty.

Kabalega became King of Bunyoro in 1869 when he was 16. He unified, pacified and stabilized Bunyoro. He built diplomatic relations between Bunyoro and other states. He expanded the geographical boundaries of Bunyoro-Kitara & established strong and dignified leadership, developed local and international trade and put up a resistance against British colonialists inorder to safeguard Bunyoro’s sovereignty.

He was captured in 1899 and exiled in Seychelles Island where he spent 23 years. He died on 6th April, 1923 at Mpumudde hill in Busoga on his way back home.

In 2009, President Museveni declared Omukama Kabalega as a national hero.

In 2010, the most honourable order of Omukama Kabalega was inaugurated in honour of Kabalega.

Omukama Kabalega inspired Africans to fight for independence.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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