National Forestry Authority-NFA restores 60% hectares of destroyed Kamgombe forest reserve

In a significant achievement for environmental conservation, the National Forestry Authority (NFA) announced that 60% of the Kamgombe forest reserve, out of the 80% previously destroyed, has been successfully restored in Kagadi district.

This encouraging update was shared yesterday(Tuesday) 27 02 2024 by Boaz Basigirenda, the NFA Range Manager for Budongo Forest in Bunyoro sub-region, during a stakeholder’s meeting convened at Kamukore C.O.U in Kamukore Village, Ngoma Parish, Bwikara Sub-county, Kagadi District.

Basigirenda revealed that Kagombe Forest Reserve spans 17,751 hectares, with 80% of it depleted due to encroachment as of 2017.

However, through the Investment in Forests and Protected Areas for Climate Smart Development program (IFPACID) funded by the World Bank, significant strides have been made, with 60% of the degraded forest now restored.

He emphasized that the IFPACID program is dedicated to promoting eco-tourism, enhancing the livelihoods of forest-hosting communities, and developing forest infrastructure such as roads and visitor information centers.

Titus Akora from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), working on the Forest Regeneration for Enhanced Carbon Absorption Project (FRECA), reported that they have restored 726 hectares of Kagombe forest reserve in the past two years.

Additionally, they are committed to restoring an additional 600 hectares this year.

Lillian Ruteraho, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Kagadi, who presided over the meeting, commended the efforts of the National Forestry Authority and its partners in the restoration of Kagombe Forest.

Semuga Vincent, the LC5 Vice Chairman for Kagadi, expressed gratitude to community members for their collaboration with NFA in restoring the forest cover.

He also praised the government for its support in returning projects to former forest encroachers, highlighting the pro-people initiatives of the NRM government.

Furthermore, locals led by the Bwikara Sub-county LC3 Chair, Godad Tumwebaze, expressed their appreciation to NFA and its partners for their corporate social responsibility efforts in restoring the forest.

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