Kyaterekera, Kigoyera Residents Join Forces to Repair Muzizi Bridge

Residents of Kyaterekera in Kagadi district, in collaboration with their neighbors from Kigoyera Sub-County in Kyenjojo district, yesterday (Friday) came together to repair the Muzizi Bridge.

The bridge, situated on River Muzizi and bordering Kagadi and Kyenjojo districts, serves as a crucial link for transportation and business activities between the two areas.

Dr. Habasa Johnson, the executive director of Quality Control & Assurance Consult (U) Ltd, played a pivotal role in rallying the community to mend the broken bridge.

According to residents, the deteriorating wood materials used in constructing a temporary bridge in 2014 posed significant risks to their lives, prompting them to take action.

Both districts have experienced challenges in transporting agricultural produce to markets due to the bridge’s condition.

Residents doing CD Work at River Muzizi Bridge

The collaborative effort to repair the bridge is expected to alleviate these challenges and facilitate smoother access to markets, thus fostering trade in the region.

Dr. Habasa commended the community for their cooperation in the restoration efforts, emphasizing the positive impact on market access and trade promotion in the area.

Meanwhile, Robert Mugabe, the parish chief for Buswaka Parish, advised road users to exercise caution and avoid carrying heavy loads to ensure the long-term durability of the bridge.

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