Kasese District Set to Roll-Out Second Disaster Management Plan

Kasese District is set to operationalize an improved integrated disaster risk reduction and management plan. The plan is aimed at scaling up the level of preparedness, response and the recovery of the vulnerable community during and after disasters.  

Kasese has been prone to disasters owing to its geographical and human activities which have led to the displacement of residents from their homes. Residents here have been exposed to prolonged dry spells, landslides/mudslides, storms and disease epidemics for both animals and human. 

With high margins of re-occurring disasters, the district has now drafted the second version of an improved management plan set to be rolled this year. The new draft has been handed over to the Office of the Prime Minister for advice and support. 

Augustine Okooli, the senior district environment officer says that the plan will, among others, analyze the natural and human-made threats to society with a view of identifying where and when disasters may occur. 

Okooli says given the history of the district, they needed to actualize processes that will enable the leadership to identify risk reduction and management measures and make the district safe for inhabitants.

He says the district is now coming out with the first comprehensive management plan that will detail each aspect of disaster and mitigation measures.      

Okooli says the new Disaster Management Plan presents them with a continuous multi-sectoral approach aimed at disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and rehabilitation. 

Kasese District Chairperson Geoffrey Sibendire Bigogo says they partnered with Save the Children to structure a district plan with set-up, unified and coordinated multi-stakeholder district disaster response systems. Bigogo urges that the implementation of the plan will require the commitment of both the community, leadership and the government.

The project manager of Save the Children, Viane Musika in an interview with URN said that he is optimistic that the plan will be a key guiding tool amidst the increasing disasters.

Agaba Emmanuel, a resident of Karusandara sub-county says they have initially been helped by the district to create community committees that raise awareness on environment conservation. He hopes the plan will be an added resource to community knowledge in the mitigation processes. 

Kasese is the only district with disaster Management Plan in the Region.

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Abitegeka Gerald

The News Editor ,Reporter at Kagadi Kibaale community Radio

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