Drama as Hoima District Council Rejects Nomination for LcV Vice Chairman

Drama issued yesterday as Hoima District Councilors Refused to Approve the LcV Vice Chairman.

During a yesterday’s (Thursday) sitting at the Hoima District Council, tensions rose as councilors declined to approve James Jackson Magambo Mugenyi Mulindambura as the LcV vice chairman, leading to a argumentative decision and accusations of misconduct.

The controversy began when Hoima LcV chairman Uthman Mugisha Mubarak nominated Mulindambura earlier in the week, only to rescind the decision during the sitting, citing the need for further consultations.

This action sparked mixed reactions among councilors, who accused Mugisha of indecision.

Despite Mugisha’s eventual renomination of Mulindambura, councilors rejected the approval, citing concerns over his past behavior, including allegations of misconduct, abuse of office, and corruption.

Councilor Patrick Rusoke highlighted Mulindambura’s perceived lack of integrity based on his previous track record, while Councilor Godfrey Byaruhanga accused him of misusing government resources, including vehicles and road equipment.

In response, Mulindambura defended his record, expressing disappointment that his past was used against him, emphasizing his dedication to serving the district diligently in previous executive roles.

However, Mulindambura remained resolute in his commitment to serving the public in Hoima, stating that he would continue as long as he is delegated by the district chairman.

Chairman Mugisha expressed surprise at the council’s decision, questioning why a “resourceful” individual like Mulindambura was rejected.

He announced intentions to nominate another candidate in the next council sitting.

The rejection of Mulindambura’s nomination highlights the tensions and divisions within the Hoima District Council, signaling potential challenges in filling key leadership positions.

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