Missing 13-Year-Old Rescued After Nearly Two Months

A 13-year-old Kitone Biija has been found alive in Hoima city after enduring a harrowing one-and-a-half-month ordeal.

Kitone Bijja was rescued yesterday.

The boy’s disappearance had plunged his family and community into anguish, but thanks to relentless efforts by authorities, he has been reunited with his loved ones.

Sources close to the family revealed that Kitone Biija was abducted by unknown individuals two months ago, leaving his parents in a state of despair.

Despite their frantic search efforts, hope was fading until a crucial tip-off led the police to his location.

Swift action by law enforcement led to the apprehension of two suspects linked to the kidnapping, who are currently detained at Kagadi Central Police Station undergoing interrogation.

While details surrounding the case remain undisclosed by authorities, Kitone’s parents expressed overwhelming relief and joy upon his safe return.

Omuhereza Kitone, a resident of Kagadi town, shared with our reporter last evening at a round 10Pm the family’s initial fear that they might never see their child again.

Kitone and the local community erupted in jubilation, expressing gratitude to the police and the public for their unwavering support in reuniting the family.

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