Minister Fred Byamukama Exposes Corruption among Kagadi Technical Staff as Road Equipment Scandal Unfolds

By James Muhumuza

Kagadi Road equipment being taken by the Ministry of Works

The Ministry of Works and Transport has retrieved road equipment allocated to Kagadi district local government amidst allegations of misuse and corruption among technical staff.

The equipment, including a motor grader, was yesterday 01 05 2024 withdrawn following the arrest of its operator, caught red-handed illicitly deploying district resources for personal gain.

The operator was found working on a private project at TIMEX Bukinda Hydro Dam, a clear violation of regulations.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja and Minister Fred Byamukama intervened, ordering the arrest of the culprits.

However, despite initial detention, suspects managed to evade custody, raising concerns about the efficiency of law enforcement.

Minister Byamukama directly blamed the dismal state of Kagadi’s roads on systemic corruption within the technical staff.

He emphasized that corruption and political interference would not be tolerated, especially when public resources are diverted for private use.

Despite substantial funding allocated for road maintenance, including 1.13 billion shillings and direct disbursements from the Uganda Road Fund, the roads remain in dire condition.

Byamukama directed the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and LC5 Chairperson to expedite the retrieval of the withdrawn equipment and ensure accountability to the central government.

Moreover, he asserted that the remaining budget would not be used to hire equipment from private contractors due to previous mismanagement.

RDC Kagadi, Ms. Lillian Ruteraho, expressed regret over the situation, emphasizing the duty of district leadership to prioritize public service over personal interests.

She urged swift action to restore essential machinery to the district.

Efforts to obtain comments from the chief administrative officer and district chairperson were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

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